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   China International Intellectech Shanghai Corporation (CIIC Shanghai) was established in May 1993. CIIC Shanghai is the largest and most profitable subsidiary of CIIC. In 2009, the company’s annual sales reached RMB11.1billion, accounting for more than 65% of the total sales of the CIIC Corporation. CIIC Shanghai has shown exponential growth for the past ten plus years.


   CIIC Shanghai has maximized scale effect in human resource service, became a powerful platform for investments and international trade, and created an innovative on-line and off-line service product line. CIIC Shanghai has always been a leader in meeting the demands of the market place and quickly adjusting to the changes in the industry.  The company is the leading supplier in the Human Resource Services market in China with high growth potential and comprehensive portfolio to meet the market needs. Its brand-name recognition ratio in Shanghai talent market has exceeded 80%.  Currently, CIIC Shanghai owns 33 branches and subsidiaries.


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